Turning Wrongs Into Rights

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This is my mission in representing every one of our clients. Without imposing accountability to those who commit “wrongs” against us, we really have no rights.

My business is to correct the wrongs which cause serious injury, abuse, and death.

It is tragic and unjust when people from all walks of life, children, elderly, workers, the poor, and minorities, are seriously injured, abused, or killed through the negligence or recklessness of others. Not only is it unjust, but it is unacceptable and we all must fight back if it happens to us.

If we don’t fight back to hold the wrongdoer accountable, then we are allowing the wrongdoer to “get away with it.” There should be real consequences for mistakes which cause harm and injury to others. Without such consequences, our world progressively becomes a more dangerous and unsafe place.  If real consequences exist, then careless corporations and careless people will try harder to avoid making mistakes, thus making our world a safer place.

It is not enough for the careless to say they are “sorry.” “It was just an accident” and “I didn’t mean it or intend it” are similarly devoid of meaning. What really matters is paying the full price for the damage caused. If serious injury, abuse, or death happens as a result of a careless act or mistake, then asking for a “free pass” is an insult. Accountability requires stepping up and paying for the damage caused. Where the careless pays the full price for the damage, then indeed being apologetic for the mistake made has real meaning.

Since everyone makes mistakes or is careless at times, society has invented “insurance” to help provide those victims of carelessness with a means to recover their losses. Each day, our work is devoted to in making sure insurance companies pay injured victims for the full extent of losses caused by the carelessness of those the insurance companies insure.