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At Tamaki Law, we know what it takes to win virtually any type of personal injury lawsuit. Check out our track record of winning case results to see how we have changed lives through our work in representing victims of accidents, injuries, abuse, and other personal injury situations. 

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$1.2 Million Recovery

Recovered for death in fire caused by a faulty heater

$750,000 Recovery

Recovered for death in rear-end collision caused by truck driver

$3.5 Million Recovery

Recovered from large utility company in wrongful death claim

$600,000 Recovery

Recovered from logging company for failure to train employee resulting in death

$250,000 Recovery

Recovered from psychiatric hospital for patient’s escape resulting in death

$1.5 Million Recovery

Recovered from utility company that failed to consider traffic safety in utility pole construction

$1.15 Million Recovery

Recovered on behalf of victims of a head-on collision caused by drunk driver

$250,000 Recovery

Recovered from foster care agency for negligent placement of child molester in home

$30 Million Recovery

Recovered on behalf of Native American children abused by Catholic Priests

$350,000 Recovery

Recovered for student sexually assaulted at a boarding school

$6.55 Million Recovery

Recovered from DSHS/CPS for negligently leaving children in an abusive home

$100,000 Recovery

Recovered from duplex after woman sustained electrical shock

DSHS’ Negligent Investigation of Child Abuse

On the eve of trial, Tamaki Law reached settlement with DSHS in the amount of $6.55 million for six clients who were sexually and physically abused as children in a home that DSHS knew was abusive and unsafe.

Negligent Supervision of a Serial Killer

Tamaki Law obtained a $6.4 million settlement from the Washington State Department of Corrections (DOC) on behalf of victims of a violent crime spree committed by serial rapist and murderer Michael “Cowboy Mike” Braae.

Catholic Church Held Accountable for Clergy Sexual Abuse of Children

Tamaki Law entered into the largest settlement with a religious order in history. The Society of Jesus, Oregon Province (also known as the Northwest Jesuits), a religious order within the Catholic Church, agreed to pay $166 million to more than 500 victims for sexual abuse committed by Jesuits in the 1950s, 60s, and 70s.

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