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Seattle Washington Insurance Claims Lawyers

Most insurance claims involve auto accidents. We are experienced in dealing with insurance adjusters and can get you the best result possible. If you are representing yourself, let our insurance claims lawyers handle your case so we can assist you in dealing with all the troubling aspects of your case: the paperwork, the telephone calls, what information to provide the insurance company, what your case is worth, and the methods to get you the most money. If you are represented by another lawyer who is not doing a good job and/or not keeping you informed, in most cases, we can take over those cases at no additional cost to you.

Insurance claims encompass homeowners insurance, fire insurance, business insurance, theft insurance, property insurance, farm insurance, and umbrella insurance.  We are knowledgeable and experienced in handling and interpreting all these types of insurance coverages.

Losses covered by insurance can range from explosions, to dog bites, to bad products, to fire losses, to serious injury falls at businesses.

If you have a serious injury caused by the fault of someone else, then we can help you find out if there is insurance available to compensate you.


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