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MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT ATTORNEY IN BELLEVUEWere you in an accident while riding your motorcycle? Were your injuries due to another party’s negligent or careless actions? Do you want to pursue compensation for your medical bills and other expenses? If so, do not hesitate to contact the Bellevue personal injury attorneys of firm-name] for a free consultation.

Our legal team has the experience and knowledge to take on your case and seek the justice you deserve. We know how to investigate motorcycle accidents and obtain the necessary evidence to prove who was at fault. We can efficiently handle the legal process and pursue the financial award you deserve. You should not be responsible for the costs of your medical care and property repair or replacement when someone else’s misconduct is to blame.

You likely feel scared and confused immediately after a motorcycle accident. Most victims sustain severe or life-threatening injuries. We understand the stress and uncertainty of seeking medical treatment and trying to recover. You shouldn’t also face the burden of handling an insurance claim or lawsuit.

The Bellevue motorcycle accident attorneys of Tamaki Law can take on the responsibility for your entire case so you can focus on healing. We can file an insurance claim, gather evidence, and negotiate for a settlement. If the insurance company denies your claim or refuses to settle for a fair amount, we can file a lawsuit and litigate your case in court.

Tamaki Law will do everything in our power to achieve your desired outcome so you can move forward with your life. For a free consultation to discuss your case with us, call (425) 679-6421 now.

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    Common Types of Motorcycle Accidents in Bellevue

    Interstate 90, Interstate 405, and other highways in Bellevue are dangerous for motorcyclists. Heavy traffic, speeding drivers, and other factors contribute to deadly accidents throughout the city.

    When you’re riding on your bike, the only thing protecting you from harm is your helmet. However, not even that can completely prevent traumatic injuries in an accident. Unlike cars and trucks, motorcycles don’t have seatbelts, airbags, and other safety devices. If someone crashes into you, your entire body can suffer from the violent impact.

    Various situations could result in a motorcycle accident. The most common types are:

    Left-hand Turn

    A driver that doesn’t check for oncoming vehicles before turning left at an intersection could end up in the path of a motorcyclist.


    You might not realize the dangers of parked cars. They can be just as dangerous as moving vehicles if the driver opens their door before checking for approaching bikers.

    Head-on Collisions

    Crashing into another vehicle head-on can be fatal. Driver distraction is a common cause of this type of accident. If a driver isn’t paying attention to the road ahead, they could drift into oncoming traffic.

    Rear-end Accidents

    Following another vehicle too closely doesn’t allow enough distance to stop and avoid a collision when necessary. Tailgating often results in rear-end crashes, causing severe harm to motorcyclists who often get ejected from their bikes.

    T-bone Accidents

    This accident happens when the front of one vehicle collides with the side of another. Many occur in intersections when someone decides to run a red light or stop sign.

    If you were involved in any of these or another type of motorcycle accident, you should reach out to Tamaki Law so we can investigate and determine whether we can take your case.

    committed to Honesty

    Without their hard work, I would have been completely taken advantage of by the insurance company.

    Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

    Even when drivers focus on the task at hand, they might not be on the lookout for motorcyclists. They’re likely only paying attention to other cars and trucks. Bikes are significantly smaller than passenger vehicles and harder to see in blind spots. If the driver starts merging into another lane, they could sideswipe you, causing severe injuries.

    Bikers don’t have much protection from other vehicles or the outside elements. When you’re traveling down the road, you could encounter potholes, adverse weather conditions, distracted drivers, and other dangerous scenarios. It’s almost impossible to avoid suffering physical harm when you’re involved in an accident while riding your motorcycle.

    The most common causes of motorcycle accidents include:

    Distracted Driving

    Everyone knows texting while driving is dangerous. However, most people don’t realize other distractions can be just as dangerous. Eating, talking to a passenger, and changing the radio are a few examples of distractions that can lead to an accident.

    Running a Red Light or Stop Sign

    Traffic signs and lights are necessary to ensure traffic flows safely. If a driver isn’t paying attention or decides to blow through a stop sign, they could crash into a motorcyclist already in the intersection.


    Exceeding the speed limit could cause a driver to lose control of their vehicle, especially if traffic comes to a sudden stop or there’s a hazard in the road. Additionally, driving too fast for adverse weather, such as heavy rain, can lead to hydroplaning and result in a crash with a motorcyclist.


    Many people have demanding schedules, and the daily stress they experience to “get there faster” could lead to reckless behaviors, such as tailgating. When someone follows another vehicle too closely, there isn’t much space or time to react to stopped traffic.

    Failing to Check Blind Spots

    Turning, changing lanes, and merging onto highways require drivers to use their turn signal and check their blind spots before proceeding. Failure to look for motorists traveling alongside them could lead to a collision.

    Whether the other driver became distracted behind the wheel or decided to exceed the speed limit, they made a poor decision that led to your injuries. The physical and emotional harm you suffered likely requires medical treatment to heal. Physical therapy, prescription drugs, and other medical costs can become a financial burden and lead to debt. The at-fault driver should face the consequences of their misconduct and become financially responsible for your expenses.

    What You Should Do After a Motorcycle Accident

    After an accident, the steps you take could determine whether or not you receive an adequate financial award for your incurred costs. Your injury is probably too severe to exchange insurance information with the at-fault driver or take pictures of the accident scene. Instead, you should focus on the months and years ahead so you’re in the best possible position to secure an insurance settlement or favorable jury verdict.

    If you or someone called 911, be sure to request an ambulance. Let the emergency personnel transport you to the hospital for an evaluation of your injuries. The emergency room physician should examine your physical and mental condition to determine a diagnosis. If they refer you for follow-up treatment, such as rehabilitation, surgery, or imaging tests, follow their recommendations.

    Insurance companies review every piece of evidence with a fine-toothed comb to uncover proof that the claimant’s injury doesn’t exist or isn’t that severe. They want to avoid paying out a large settlement, so they can save money. Should you fail to seek initial treatment until weeks after the accident or regularly skip your doctor’s appointment, these could be seen as valid reasons to deny your claim.

    Immediately after the accident, you should also hire a Bellevue motorcycle accident attorney. Tamaki Law can take over your case and complete each step of the process, so your only responsibility will be recovering from your injuries. We can request a copy of the at-fault driver’s insurance policy to determine the available coverage and negotiate with the insurance company for a settlement we believe is fair.

    You Deserve Compensation for the Losses You Suffered

    Washington is a fault car insurance state, meaning the at-fault driver becomes financially responsible for the injuries and losses resulting from an accident. All motor vehicle drivers must maintain liability insurance coverage with minimum limits for:

    • Bodily injury or death – $25,000
    • Property damage – $10,000

    You could file a claim with the other driver’s liability insurance company for a settlement to cover your losses, such as:

    • Past and future medical costs
    • Loss of enjoyment of life
    • Pain and suffering
    • Loss of income
    • Lost future earnings
    • Disfigurement
    • Property damage
    • Mental anguish

    If the negligent driver doesn’t have liability coverage or high enough limits to compensate for your total losses, you could file a claim with your own insurance company. State law doesn’t require uninsured/underinsured motorist (UM) coverage. However, if you chose to add it to your policy, you could file a UM claim to seek compensation for certain losses, such as:

    • Lost wages
    • Pain and suffering
    • Medical bills
    • Property damage
    • Disfigurement
    • Loss of enjoyment of life

    Every insurance company is different. You might not be entitled to all of these losses but Tamaki Law can review your policy to determine the available coverage.

    Deadline to File a Lawsuit in Washington

    There’s a three-year statute of limitations if you want to file a lawsuit in Washington. That means you have three years from the date of the accident to sue the at-fault driver for compensation. If this timeframe passes, you could lose your right to hold them accountable for their wrongdoing in court.

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