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There is nothing more traumatic and devastating than the loss of a loved one.

The legacy of a loved one can be honored by holding the wrongdoer responsible. The alternative – further injustice and unresolved questions for a lifetime – is worse.

And if you need a wrongful death lawyer to assist you in investigating whether you have a case, there are no better lawyers to investigate and help you in these types of situations than us.

We care. We listen. And we will advise you to do what should be done.

We will handle your case with the utmost preparation and skill.

After helping dozens of devastated and heartbroken families, we can help you.

Washington’s laws regarding claims of wrongful death are complicated with many exceptions and loopholes. An experienced lawyer is needed to avoid missing a potential claim or making a technical mistake which could hurt your claim.

We can and will help you. Call us today and we would be glad to talk with you. We have offices in Seattle, Yakima, Bellevue, and Kennewick.


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