The Truth About Insurance Companies – You're NOT in Good Hands

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As one of the attorneys who takes the calls from individuals seeking our assistance in the Yakima area, I’ve heard it all.  People who call us are confused, scared, and in a lot of physical pain.  The majority of callers have never been in a car collision before so they do not know what to do or understand the whole process.  Insurance companies know this, and they prey and take advantage of your situation.  Insurance adjusters from the at-fault driver are quick to tell you not to worry, and they repeatedly reassure you that you will be taken care of.  They ask you questions about your pain, and express their deepest sympathies.  But don’t fall for this.  It is part of their tactic.  Once the medical bills come in and the bills from the ambulance service, the emergency room and your treatment pile on – their tone will change.  The adjuster stops returning your phone calls.  You call them because you are worried about paying the medical bills you cannot afford.  And all you get is silence on their end.  Next thing you know, the adjuster calls you and offers you barely enough money to cover the medical bills you’ve accumulated.  They seem to magically turn from being on your side to a nasty opponent.  And in all honesty, none of this is your fault, but the fault of their insured/driver who carelessly hit you.  By this time you are desperate for help and money.  The bills under your name are at risk of going to collections.  And you feel like you have to take the money and settle right away.  Some people will go ahead and accept the money because they feel overwhelmed.  But when you do this it is too late for us to step in and help.

The majority of callers are embarrassed that they are calling a lawyer.  Don’t be.  There is a stigma that lawyers are selfish and greedy.  But in reality, we at Tamaki Law aren’t.  We are here to help.  The ones who should truly be ashamed are the insurance companies for employing these deceiving tactics to take advantage of you.  Insurance companies aren’t your friend, but your adversary.  Their goal is to settle your claim for the least amount of money possible.  Their bottom line isn’t you or your health – it’s their dollar.  Don’t let them fool you.  Our goal and purpose at Tamaki Law is to take care of you and your health and to do whatever possible to fight for your rights.  Hiring a lawyer is a means to ensure that your rights are protected.  It is to ensure that you get what you deserve and are treated with respect.  That you are able to get medically treated and that the medical bills are paid for.  And most importantly, that you get fairly compensated for the pain and suffering that their driver/insured caused you.  Remember – you are the victim.  Our justice system, laws and courts are designed to protect the injured and victims against the perpetrator, such as these big corporations.  Don’t fight them alone.  You are already in enough pain so don’t let the extra burden and stress of fighting the big insurance company fall on you – let us take care of it for you.

So when you get into a car collision don’t fall for the insurance company’s games and tactics.  Don’t listen to their endless commercials where they claim to be your “good neighbor,” “on your side” and not to worry because “you’re in good hands.”  Call us immediately.  Although the insurance adjuster might seem caring, and innocent in the beginning – wait until you start talking about money.  That’s when they reveal their true self.