Diocese of Great Falls-Billings face lawsuit

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An amended complaint was filed late yesterday in Montana’s 8th District Court taking legal action against the Diocese of Great Falls-Billings including the Sisters of the Third Order of Saint Francis.

According to allegations in the complaint, the Roman Catholic Bishop of the Diocese of Great Falls-Billings sent known perpetrators to areas of Montana creating risk to children.

Blaine Tamaki, lead plaintiff attorney, says the plaintiffs seek a resolution to the lifelong devastation they’ve been through.

Tamaki says, “All they want is to receive justice and the only way to receive justice after you’ve been a victim of child sex abuse in the criminal statute of limitations has expired so the pedophiles never been punished is to seek civil recourse through a lawsuit to receive monetary compensation for the harm caused to them by the pedophile priest.”

The abuses in the complaint occurred at several schools, missions and orphanages owned and operated by the Great Falls-Billings Diocese.