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Posts by Blaine Tamaki

Candidates for Change

The absolute domination of conservative Republicans politically at our city level, without Latino participation, has been exposed by our own federal court as discriminatory and in violation of the federal Voting Rights Act. After spending nearly $800,000 on its own attorneys to defend a discriminatory election system, which has resulted in the systematic exclusion of…

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What Makes Tamaki Law Different From Other Law Offices?

1.  UNPRECEDENTED RECORD SUCCESS A record of success is important because it proves that a law firm possesses top skills and competence. Success reflects hard work, doing your homework, and being able to handle the toughest cases against the toughest opponents. Consistent success means consistent excellence. Our firm has settled more than 25 cases for…

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Turning Wrongs Into Rights

This is my mission in representing every one of our clients. Without imposing accountability to those who commit “wrongs” against us, we really have no rights. My business is to correct the wrongs which cause serious injury, abuse, and death. It is tragic and unjust when people from all walks of life, children, elderly, workers,…

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