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Washington Construction Accident Attorney

One of the riskiest areas for injury are construction sites. Because so many serious injuries come from construction sites, some of our largest cases have involved work place accidents. If you are involved in a construction accident or other workplace accident, you would be wise to consult with a construction accident attorney.

Falling from heights, tripping, falling objects, and heavy equipment accidents, are known dangers at work sites. These work place dangers have caused countless accidents that maim, seriously injure, and/or kill people.

Although employees cannot sue their own employers for negligence if they receive Labor and Industry payments, there are many other cases which can be investigated involving serious workplace injury. Accidents involving visitors to worksites, inspectors, delivery business people, and family members are actionable and viable cases. Sometimes employees are injured by the negligence of some other third party. For example, we helped an injured employee who was electrocuted at a worksite due to the negligence of the power company, which knew their lines were dangerous yet failed to protect their electrified lines for the safety of those performing work in the area.

Contact us in today so we can have a construction accident attorney review your case and let you know if we can help you. We have offices in Seattle, Bellevue, Tri-Cities, and Yakima. If you have an L&I claim, you can still call us because we will look for other avenues of recovery or can refer you to a workers’ compensation lawyer who can assist you.


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