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August 15th, 2018Posted By: Bryan

Pennsylvania Priests Sexually Abused Children for Decades

Sad girl leaning on wall - Catholic priests in Pennsylvania have been committing and covering up child sex abuse for 70 years.

A Pennsylvania Grand Jury has concluded that the Catholic Church in Pennsylvania has been covering up child sex abuse for decades.
Read the news report.

According to the grand jury report, which examined 6 of the state’s 8 dioceses, over 300 perpetrators sexually abused over 300 victims, over a period of 70 years.
Read the Grand Jury report.

The abuse ranged from a priest raping a young girl in the hospital after surgery to a priest impregnating a 17-year-old. The church covered up the abuse by encouraging victims not to report the abuse to police and encouraging police not to investigate.

Laws Needed to Protect Survivors of Sex Abuse by Priests

While the breadth and scope of sexual abuse and coverup in Pennsylvania is shocking, it’s less surprising when you consider that Pennsylvania’s current laws are set up to protect the church from being sued by the vast majority of victims. One is left to wonder if the lack of laws holding the church accountable encourages this type of behavior. This is why the grand jury not only revealed the cover-up in its report but recommended that laws be enacted allowing survivors to hold the church accountable through the civil justice system. Without such accountability, the sexual abuse of children and the covering up of that abuse is likely to continue.

Hopefully, lawmakers in Pennsylvania will push back against lobbying efforts by the Catholic Church, which opposes being held accountable in civil courts for covering up abuse and pass a law that encourages the church to protect children, not pedophile priests.

Tamaki Law Fights for the Rights of Sex Abuse Victims

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Bryan Smith
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Bryan Smith

Bryan G. Smith has been a trial lawyer for 19 years. He focuses on complex litigation of cases involving serious injuries, wrongful death cases, clergy sex abuse, medical malpractice, whistleblowers (Qui Tam), and government negligence, sexual abuse.

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