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Catholic Diocese to File for Bankruptcy Protection

HELENA, Montana (AP) — The Roman Catholic Diocese of Helena is set to file for bankruptcy protection in advance of proposed settlements for two lawsuits that claim clergy members sexually abused 362 people over decades and the church covered it up. Diocese spokesman Dan Bartleson said in a statement Friday the bankruptcy reorganization case came…

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Diocese of Helena Files Bankruptcy as Part of Proposed Settlement of 362 Sexual Abuse Claims for $15 Million

The Diocese of Helena is filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection as part of its effort to settle 362 claims involving sexual abuse perpetrated by priests and nuns in Montana churches and boarding schools.  The Diocese has pledged a proposed settlement fund of $15 million, which will be funded with insurance and Diocese assets. The…

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Turning Wrongs Into Rights

This is my mission in representing every one of our clients. Without imposing accountability to those who commit “wrongs” against us, we really have no rights. My business is to correct the wrongs which cause serious injury, abuse, and death. It is tragic and unjust when people from all walks of life, children, elderly, workers,…

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