$1.15 Million

Recovered for a worker injured in a fall at Yakima's Terrace Heights water tower

$100,000 Recovery

Recovered from Pasco Police Department for woman injured by use of excessive force by officers

$350,000 Recovery

Recovered for student sexually assaulted at a boarding school

$100,000 Recovery

Recovered from common carrier for injuries sustained after woman's wheelchair was improperly secured in van

$275,000 Recovery

Recovered from city for injuries caused by dangerous water meter well

$300,000 Recovery

Recovered from federal government for failure to monitor logging operations

$357,000 Recovery

Recovered for victim of excessive force by a police officer

$135,000 Recovery

Recovered from school for negligent supervision, resulting in student assaulted at recess

$6.55 Million

Recovered from DSHS/CPS for negligently leaving children in an abusive home

$6.4 Million Recovery

Recovered from WA Dept. of Corrections for negligent supervision of a criminal