$1.15 Million

Recovered for a worker injured in a fall at Yakima's Terrace Heights water tower

$2.125 Million

Recovered for two victims of a head-on collision with a commercial armored truck

$30 Million Recovery

Recovered on behalf of Native American children abused by Catholic Priests

$6.55 Million

Recovered from DSHS/CPS for negligently leaving children in an abusive home

$6.4 Million Recovery

Recovered from WA Dept. of Corrections for negligent supervision of a criminal

$12 Million Settlement

Confidential settlement; largest medical malpractice settlement in Eastern WA

$1.5 Million Recovery

Recovered for dentist suffering wrist injuries in auto collision

$1.15 Million

Recovered on behalf of victims of a head-on collision caused by drunk driver

$1 Million Recovery

Recovered from a tavern for victims of a drunk driver who was overserved