$2.125 Million

Recovered for two victims of a head-on collision with a commercial armored truck

$300,000 Recovery

Recovered from utility company after truck backs into driver causing injuries

$250,000 Recovery

Recovered from foster care agency for negligent placement of child molester in home

$750,000 Recovery

Recovered for death in rear-end collision caused by truck driver

$152,000 Recovery

Recovered for worker injured by conveyor belt not properly guarded

$600,000 Recovery

Recovered on behalf of truck driver injured by pipe wholesaler's improper loading of trailer

$600,000 Recovery

Recovered from logging company for failure to train employee resulting in death

$1.8 Million Recovery

Recovered for victim suffering spinal cord injury at a worksite

$1.3 Million Recovery

Recovered from utility company and fruit warehouse for construction worker injured by high voltage line

$3.5 Million Recovery

Recovered from large utility company in wrongful death claim

$1.5 Million Recovery

Recovered from utility company that failed to consider traffic safety in utility pole construction